Goals, results and an evaluation

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One of the most difficult things in life for me is definnig of goals, definnig of goals that are one hell of a challenge but in the same way actually achieveable if you work hard to reach them. Goals that relates to my sport results are much easier to define comapred to the “main goals” in life, those are often much harder to measure and ddefine if you gave succeed of not.

These were my goals for this season;

  1. Finish on the podium in the majority of my international comeptitions
  2. Finish top 5 in the total world ranking and in the world championship
  3. Remain as a good candidate for Paralymipcs in Rio
  4. Win all national competition

So, how well did I manage to accomplish these goals?

  1. I missed the podium in 2 of my competitions, first the world cup in Schwitzerland in June. The week before this competition I had a big infection in my left big finger, no training till the day before the competition and of course I couldn’t push myself as hard sa I usually can do. And I also missed the podium in the world championship, three beasts fisihed in front of my. I wasn’t strong enough uphill and not brave enough downhill. But I said the majority of my international comeptitions, 4/6 is the majority so goal accomplished!Capture
  2. 2nd in the world ranking, 4th at the worlds. But actuallt the world ranking tells more about how much money a team got than your performancs. The TT in the worlds should really be used to determine the world ranking.Capture1
  3. I think I’m still a good candidate if we manage to get more people qualified. I’m the Swedish cyclist with most points from this qualification season.
  4. Yes, I managed to do that. Unfortunately still the only trike rider who competes in Swedish so this was too easy? Please people, help me spread the word about trike racing!

One thing that I always struggle with is that even if I accomplish every single one of the goals I defined some months ago I still not feel completely happy about it. I still keep feeling that I could have done so much better, this was not as perfect as it could have been. I should have been able to do batter. For some reasons the goals turn into something that is like the lowest level that I should achieve to not be very unhppy about how I did… That’s something I got to improve.

One end and one new beginning, the end of a season

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Now it’s here, more real than ever before; the end of this competition season. Only one more competition next weekend and then I will give myself two weeks of much needed rest and recovery. I can’t explain it in any good way but right now I feel so tired, like completely empty batteries. Not the normal kind of tiredness that comes over you when you have been sleeping way too few hours. More the kind of tiredness that comes when you haven’t been given yourself a proper chance to rest for the last 4 or 5 months or so. You sleep a whole night but still you’re as tired when you wake up as you were when you went to bed the day before.

The end of a season always leaves me with a huge mix of feelings. One feeling that comes up as one of the first ones in my head is “Wasn’t it supposed to be more than this?” But then I realize just how much I have been doing the last months, how much I have experienced, how much I have gone through, both good and some less good things, how intense everything has been. That’s for sure one of the reasons why it feels like the season was short, it simply was so intense that it feels like everything just have been passing in the speed of the light.

After the last season I didn’t give myself a period of easier training and a chance to recover, that’s probably why I have been feeling so slow and tired since July this summer, my batteries were simply not topped up enough when this season started.. 0It’s so easy to only focus on the amount of training you do, the hours, the intensity etc. and then you forget that you also need the rest, that’s when you get a chance to build up your body.


Stressful days!

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The last weeks have been insane. Working full time and besides that train six days a week, at least, is challenging. I have found a good way to make it work, if I can work for eight hours a day.. Last weeks I have been working more than eight hours a day which of course gets out over training, the number of sessions and also the quality of the sessions get lower. Unfortunately not much to do about it. I still have to do my best at work even if I wish I could prioritize in another way. I still keep dreaming of one day being able to be a full time athlete, that would be cool. And so much easier if I didn’t have to plan training around work..

Today I got  a pretty good session, happy for that, yesterday I had too much pain in my back to train at all, progress!

Happy reading!

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#sweparacykelteam succeeded with the mission last season to qualify two cyclist, one man, one woman, to Paralympics in Rio 2016! http://uci.ch/mm/Document/News/NewsGeneral/16/81/05/MenPara-Cycling_Slotallocationforthe2016RioPG_Neutral.pdf Let’s hope we can manage to qualify some more cyclists the upcoming season! It will he difficult but for sure doable!