Happy reading!

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#sweparacykelteam succeeded with the mission last season to qualify two cyclist, one man, one woman, to Paralympics in Rio 2016! http://uci.ch/mm/Document/News/NewsGeneral/16/81/05/MenPara-Cycling_Slotallocationforthe2016RioPG_Neutral.pdf Let’s hope we can manage to qualify some more cyclists the upcoming season! It will he difficult but for sure doable!


First post

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Finally I have found the time to create a simple blog that I will use to share updates about my training and competing. I can’t say anything about how often I will be able to update it but I hope I can find the time to do so often. But, rule 1; training first, so if I don’t update this blog I’m probably out training instead 😉

Welcome to my blog! Let’s see where this journey ends, hopefully it takes a pit stop in Rio September 7th to September 18th 2016 🙂

Note: I’m way better when it comes to cycling than what I’m in English, so the errors in grammar etc. will probably be easy to find but I try to keep as much as possible of the blog in English since I know that some of you who can be interested in my training don’t understand Swedish.