Happy reading!

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#sweparacykelteam succeeded with the mission last season to qualify two cyclist, one man, one woman, to Paralympics in Rio 2016! http://uci.ch/mm/Document/News/NewsGeneral/16/81/05/MenPara-Cycling_Slotallocationforthe2016RioPG_Neutral.pdf Let’s hope we can manage to qualify some more cyclists the upcoming season! It will he difficult but for sure doable!


Preparations, preparations and even more preparations

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The last couple of months I’ve really discovered how time consuming cycling can be, of course the training is time consuming, that’s for sure. But all the other things also takes lots of time, find a crank that will suit my wobbly legs, find a power meter that can be sued on a trike with different lengths of the cranks etc. things get so much more difficult when I can’t use standard components.. It feels good to know that I still have at least two more months to do preparation of my trike before the first competition starts, a small package arrived from wiggle some days ago 🙂


Box jumps

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This winter I’ve been doing some strength training, much more than what I did during the last summer. It has been good and I’ve really made some progress. On of the last achievements is a 30 cm box jump! Three months ago I didn’t even know I was able to do a single box jump no matter of the height, but I was. Since then I have been working on improving my technique, mainly the landing had to improve. To make is possible for me to focus on the technique instead of only the strength and explosiveness in my muscles and in that way reach higher heights I’ve been working on lower heights than my PB, that work made it possible for me to finally starts increasing the height 🙂