One end and one new beginning, the end of a season

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Now it’s here, more real than ever before; the end of this competition season. Only one more competition next weekend and then I will give myself two weeks of much needed rest and recovery. I can’t explain it in any good way but right now I feel so tired, like completely empty batteries. Not the normal kind of tiredness that comes over you when you have been sleeping way too few hours. More the kind of tiredness that comes when you haven’t been given yourself a proper chance to rest for the last 4 or 5 months or so. You sleep a whole night but still you’re as tired when you wake up as you were when you went to bed the day before.

The end of a season always leaves me with a huge mix of feelings. One feeling that comes up as one of the first ones in my head is “Wasn’t it supposed to be more than this?” But then I realize just how much I have been doing the last months, how much I have experienced, how much I have gone through, both good and some less good things, how intense everything has been. That’s for sure one of the reasons why it feels like the season was short, it simply was so intense that it feels like everything just have been passing in the speed of the light.

After the last season I didn’t give myself a period of easier training and a chance to recover, that’s probably why I have been feeling so slow and tired since July this summer, my batteries were simply not topped up enough when this season started.. 0It’s so easy to only focus on the amount of training you do, the hours, the intensity etc. and then you forget that you also need the rest, that’s when you get a chance to build up your body.