About me

My name is Rickard Nilsson. I started competing in paracycling with my trike spring 2014 and soon after I qualified for the Swedish national team. My goal is to qualify for Paralympics in Rio 2016(Which I just recently managed to do!!). Summer 2014 I competed in my first international competitions with OK results.

Summer 2013 I tried RaceRunning, see www.racerunning.org, for the first time. That was the start point for an exciting year in my life when lots of stuff changed to the better. During my first competition I won one gold and two silver medals and set one new world record. That day I realized that my body is capable for more than just serve as a tool for the daily life:) Spring 2014 I chosen to start with cycling in parallell with the running and liked it so much that I now spend as much time as possible cycling. RaceRunning will always be very important to me but right now I don’t have the necessary time to do both RaceRunning and cycling.